Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Fever Cuff Series

The scent of plum trees blooming,
pink petal rain on the bright green grass,
birds singing joyfully as the temperature rises,
warm sunshine on my face.
Spring is here!! 
Yesterday I spent quality time with My Muse. 
She takes me to really special places. 
 I have been sewing, inspired by our local quilt show.
 I am still determined to combine all my passions and make wearable art.  
So here goes.  
My new quilted cuff series in progress. 
There are four more!! 
I started with my husband's old jeans - I save them all in a plastic tub.  
I clipped, tore and frayed one leg into 3" X 8" pieces. 
Thinking I would make a comfortable quilted lining,
I practiced my free-motion skills on batiks and fun colorful fabrics lined with cotton batting.
 I liked the quilted fabric so much the lining became the new front side. 
Quilted Fabric "New" front side painted
After quilting and sewing these together they went downstairs 
to my dining room table for some paint applications.  
Using a brush, a brayer and my favorite Lumiere paints this is what happened.   
Denim back painted with brayer highlights the quilting stitches-
maybe they should be reversable?
Somewhere last week I stumbled upon a tutorial on making fabric flower petals.
I couldn't wait any longer to try that out.  
When suffering from Spring Spring fever 
(not really suffering just enjoying great weather- it was 80 degrees here yesterday!!)
One has oodles of colorful flowers on the brain. 

My husband actually remained calm last night 
while I played with the fire in the house using a tea candle.  
After melting, puckering and hand stitching with a sprinkle of beads 
this is what you get. 
Cheap Walmart red dazzly faux silk

Specialty Organza
I love them!! Aren't they gorgeous? 
Fortunately over the years I have collected tons 
of faux silk and organza fabrics I can make these with.  
I am so glad I did! 

The next step after they are all beaded and flowered up
is to make polymer clay buttons 
and braided elastic cord loops for closures.
The cuffs are almost ready for their journey.
They will first travel to 
The Aveda Institute Art Walk and Fashion Show 
on Sunday, March 27th from 3-5pm (for locals) where I will have a booth.
Then on to my Etsy shop in April if there are any left. 
Don't worry- I don't think I will get tired of making these for a long time.
Each one comes out so totally unique. 

While I have your attention I am also working on two challenges 
from my ArtQuilt Circle using the same technique.
Free motion quilting that is painted.
"Free motion Wood grain"
Here are the parts for the  "Shelter" Challenge. Can you guess what this will be?

additional parts
Here is the door for my "Favorite Place" Challenge in progress
Yes I have to hide all those threads between the fabrics, this is two sided; this side is painted with Shiva Oil Sticks using make up applicators and a stencil brush to blend the other side acrylic paints.

Did I make you want to sew, bead, burn fabric (carefully)? ... I hope so! 
I also hope your weekend is fabulous- 
I am off to go outside and enjoy the great spring weather here!! 


  1. Ooo Heather, You DO make me want to sew! I just got home from the Dallas Quilt Celebration and have some new and fabulous fabrics (and a b-zillion fabric bits in my stash). I will be going on Quilt Retreat next Thursday and will have to try out your cuff idea. Your floral cuffs are super.

  2. Thanks Emanda, I hope you do. It is a great way to practice free motion stitching. The size is perfect for trying out new stitch patterns and not overwhelming to get done. Have a wonderful time at your retreat!! Wish I could join you.

  3. Heather, those are breathtaking! I love the stitching on them all, but my favorite is the last piece, the door. Just stunning. You truly have a way with fiber and color.

  4. Lovely pieces! Looks like your having fun :)

  5. Heather, those are absolutely beautiful! Would you be able to share the source of the tutorial?

  6. Lori, I am very sorry but I can not find the source. I often cruise around and unfortunately I did not bookmark the site. You may try googling it. Basically you cut out flower shapes and melt the edges of polyester silks and organzas with a tea candle keeping the fabric about 1.5 to 2 inches from the flame. I kept a bowl of water on the table so I could douse any fabrics that caught on fire quickly and I started with tweezers until I got the knack of it. Try to be in a draft free room too.

  7. Very pretty will love seeing the cuffs in person! I hope to see you this Sunday!


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