Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time to oganize again....

This week I will be making a blue bracelet for the
  7000 Bracelets of Hope Blog Hop 
along with all these other participants:
thanks to Lori for the information- 
The bracelets are given to one of 7000 families 
having children with rare diseases to show them love and support.
Come back on Saturday the 16th and follow the hop if you want to, 
I will post my bracelet then. 
For now:
Friday April 8, 2011
"Some days are just like this", I say to myself. 
I can feel the weight of the universe pulling me in a thousand directions 
and I feel like I am being sucked into a black hole-
Dizzy and confused,

Amazing Black Hole- can you feel the power in that gravitational pull?
I have "Pyle's" (piles of stuff)
(my married last name- probably the curse that started this) LOL, 
of materials for this and that, (and more STUFF)
many unfinished projects in process and so many directions I could go each day 
sometimes I just go nowhere.  
I decide to sit down at my computer 
and connect with the rest of you and see what you are doing. 
I am so grateful for all the bloggers out there that share their joy and angst.
You help me feel normal.
For now I don't seem to have any problem with inspiration 
it is organization that makes my head spin.

No this isn't me I just feel like that. 

Hit play to hear my theme song. 
PS We do a routine to this at Zumba Class. 

My inner critic looks a little like this guy, tough, inflexible and bossy. 
I want him to go away but he stays and nag, nag, nags....
"Why haven't you finished that? 
What about that over there? 
Why is this room such a mess?
Will you ever finish that thing over there?
so the black hole actually looks inviting.
At least I won't be able to hear him anymore. 
I do wish my head wouldn't spin though
I feel dizzy and sick. 
Saturday, April 9, 2011 
I wrote this yesterday before I went to lunch with two of my friends to celebrate Barbara's Birthday.
We went to our new favorite haunt: " Nora's "  Great italian cuisine.
We shared stories, ate, laughed and then went back to my house 
so Barbara could choose one of my new cuffs as a present 
Teresa bought one too! 
We took a picture with our cuffs on to commemorate the day 
Cool Cuff Girlz
We giggled a lot as we strategically worked on the camera set up 
so we could hide the muffin tops we all had from the delicious pasta lunch 
and giggled even more 
while we practiced how I would run into the picture 
after activating the shutter timer
and then we zoomed off to Teresa's for 
The Best Chocolate Cake and Coffee I have had in a long time!! 
You know what- the Black hole is gone,
I don't feel dizzy and my mind totally cleared -
I feel GREAT!!
Girl Time is Great Medicine!! 
and for me Chocolate is a drug of choice.
More Seratonin baby!!! 
Thank you to my two wonderful friends.
I have just been holed up in the house too long or 
frantically carting my treasures about to sell 
and needed this little mini-vacation.
So here are the two new Cuffs I made this week:

You can find these in my Aquariart Etsy Shop .
This color palette is one of my favorites 
so I had to make two cuffs that were similar. 
The first is hiding the polymer clay button I made. 
I am also working on a surprise project I can not talk about yet.
Come back later (August) to see that. 
Hope your weekend is wonderful. 
Monday is my husband's birthday so I got tickets to see a comedy show tonite.
Laughing is also good medicine. 
I hope I made you laugh a little too! 
I am going to take a bath-

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  1. Gorgeous cuffs. Lovely friends, what a great 'break' you had. Organisation is my weak point too! Oh yeah, there is procrastination, too. Forgot about that one.....Cute cartoon!


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