Saturday, June 4, 2011

Picker at Heart

My husband tivos the American Pickers Show every week and we really look forward to watching it.  
We both grew up in New England where there was so much history all around you. 
 I know I didn't really appreciate that until I moved to the west coast 
and was really surprised that they thought 50 years old meant antique. 

This week's Pickers show revolved around items from the Civil War 
and the guys;
Mike and Frank
 participated in a re-enactment of a battle someplace along the way.  It really stirred my memories.   I used to walk past the 200 year old Isaac Davis Home where the minutemen gathered to begin their march to Concord to fight the British in the Revolutionary war every day on my way to school.  We re-enacted that march every year with "Minute Men" who march to the fife and drums.
I actually found a recent Youtube video of this from my hometown- Acton, MA!
I really never thought I would ever be a huge fan of antiques but that changed over the years.  
When we lived in WA there was a little town, Snohomish, I visited often filled with antique shops.  
I bought some old kitchen utensils that I made into a garden mobile and now use to rust fabric.
 I oggled beautiful old furniture that I couldn't really afford at the time.  
I dreamed of what my house would look like 
with a really ecclectic collection of these pieces and art everywhere.  
Fast Forward to our move to Las Vegas.  
Never ever dreamed I would live here.  
My husband had a job out in Palm Springs he needed to check on 
and invited me to go with him for the day and wander while he worked. 
It was a long drive for a day trip but so worth it.  
That little town is filled with little art galleries and antique stores.  
I had a blast and came home with some beautiful painted fish for my bathroom, 
new lamps for our bedroom
and the best find ever
 I dragged my tired husband to see this and he really didn't want to go 
but when he saw what I found I could see the excitement in his face.
We haggled and got it for what we felt was a great price.
  I finally found something my husband could not resist.  
He has a small collection of swords and knives, 
some decorative and a couple authentic ones; a civil war sword and bayonette. 
We display them in our entry room around the pool table. 
Well here is what I found. 

The Wooden Carved Crest of a Family Distillery and it is amazing.  
I take it down and polish it with olive oil about once a year. 
The griffins are so cool.
We both really love this piece- a great pick!! LOL
Erin of Treasures Found had a post about the Pickers show on March 29th, 2011
and I promised I would share a picture of this piece, 
I finally remembered to photograph it so I could share it's unique beauty.   
Be sure to visit her too to see some beautiful Garden Soup!!
My eye candy of the week, delivered today to one happy Etsy Shopper.

One special order Blue and Purple Glam Wrist Cuff.
The flower is made with upcycled and (washing machine) felted wool from Sally's Boutique.
Have a delightful weekend everyone!!


  1. That's a great story, and I enjoyed reading it all. We have just started watching the American Pickers show here in Australia. I am enjoying it a lot.Thanks, love the re-enactment

  2. Oh I could so relate to your post....I'm a big antiques fan myself, love New England (my parents are buying a place in Maine, my sister went to school in NH, and I lived in Newport....). I've watched American Pickers on Netflix as I've never caught it "live" but I do enjoy it too. Thanks for sharing your own history and carved wooden crest - it is amazing!!

  3. I've not seen the show...will have to check it out! I love antiques as well...the only sad thing is we don't have a great many shops to choose from in this area...
    PS...your Aquariart's Photostream on Flickr encroaches in to the comment section when trying to post...thought you might like to know...enjoy the day


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