Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My second publication!!

Got some publication Mojo again!!

It is very exciting and rewarding 
to have your work appreciated and published. 
My "Ophelia Cuff" is pictured on page 39 
of the January/February Issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine.  

I was one of 5 finalists 
in the Mixed Media Jewelry Category 
of the Artisan 2012 Contest!
Yes this makes me 
"Do a Little Dance"! 
I was not told which piece was chosen for the publication 
which added a little surprise for me when I received it in the mail. 
You can read more about the making of my Cuff  HERE  + HERE.
I took a little breather from everything 
except my family during the holidays, 
it just felt like a good time to pause, rest and regroup.
Now I feel rejuvenated and ready to press on.
My goal for this year is to send in more submissions 
and keep creating in all the medias I love. 
I have been thinking about trying out different venues 
for selling my work.  
I would love input from any of you, 
willing to share your experiences with other sites. 
Email me if you don't want to comment (outloud) below. 
January 10th will be  
"My Muse's" 2nd year anniversary.
The journey began on Jan 10th 2010 
when I dared to reach out into cyber space 
and share my life and art with 
"I didn't know who"
having 115 fabulous followers and friends today.
Because of this blog 
I have connected with so many talented and generous artists 
have found many great opportunities and sources of inspiration
I could go on and on but I will spare you.
I am so grateful that I am having a 
"2012 Celebration Giveaway"
You could become the proud owner of 
this lovely pair of knitted fingerless gloves. 
Grape Lacy Knitted Fingerless Gloves by Aquariart
I assure you they are stretchy, stylish, soft and luxurious
made with Berroco Lustra 
a 50% peruvian wool/ 50%Tencel (Rayon) blend yarn. 
All you need to do is 
1- comment below 
2- tell one friend about this giveaway. 
3- have that friend comment here too. 
I will randomly choose a winner on Saturday Jan 14th 
so come on back to see if you won!!  
Happy New Year to Everyone !!



  1. Congratulations on being published!! Lovely work. Love the Ophelia Cuff. I love making beaded cuffs. Your fabric is super with lots of wonderful textures. Yes, enter me to win the fingerless gloves. They are so cool!!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary and for being published. That cuff is a work of art! It is no wonder that the editors chose it for publication. Happy New Year and best wishes in achieving your goals!

  3. Finally, a giveaway that won't add to my mag collection! Whew! Oh, and congrats on your win! Excellent piece. As for selling your products, I would try doing a home party. Gather a few friends with a little food, maybe find a friend to sponsor you (offer her a pick of a complimentary gift) and see what happens! I hope you have a wonderful new year!

  4. Wahoo! That is one of the best cuffs I have seen from you. It wowed me then and wows me still. Congratulations! Dance around and tell random people in the grocery store. That is what I do when I get published ;-) It is always exciting no matter if it is the first time or the latest time. I have never worn fingerless gloves (that would mean frostbite where I am from) but I have a daughter who is way trendier than me and her birthday is coming up in February and she would likely rock the heck out of them. Enjoy the day!

  5. Heather, It has been wonderful getting to know you through the blogs. I have a friend that would totally rock those gloves. So if I win them they go to her.

  6. Hey there...gorgeous cuff, congratulations on being published!!!

    Your fingerless gloves are great...I often wear a pair in the winter time as my hands get cold! Would love to win such pretty gloves...mine are a very simple knitted pattern


  7. You totally deserve being published. That cuff is gorgeous! And I would love to win those gloves. My hands get so cold but cant work in full gloves.

  8. congrats! i love the gloves :)

  9. HEATHER!! I just had to run to see my copy of CPS, which I haven't had a chance to read yet. GOOD ON YOU!!! I am so proud of you for putting yourself out there. Many congratulations :-)


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