Saturday, April 6, 2013

Heaven on Earth Is Loving Your Job

Here I am thinking: 
"Maybe I can manage to post once a month." 
I am going to try.  
I had a day off a couple weeks ago and needed to create some samples 
for my Polymer Clay Proposal at work.  
The Proposal is a plan and supply list for Polymer Clay Classes 
I will teach for some of our adult clients at Opportunity Village.  
I am very excited as are my bosses and the clients. 
Hopefully we will get all the supplies in time to start in May.  
They will be making items to sell in our new "Boutique" 
that I set up during the Spring Break week 
along with their art, gorgeous silk scarves 
and the kitchen's famous cookies and chocolate popcorn. 
This is a new and exciting way for our Artists 
to make money while they have fun learning new techniques. 
Some of the types of items that were requested to be made are:
Hair and Scarf Pins
This one is new.  
I was shooting for a fauz copper patina look using antique copper mica powder, 
paint and turquoise embossing powder over a red brown blend of clay.
I was inspired by Mark Doolittle's Gourds featured in the Polymer Arts Blog. 
Be sure to check out his site his work is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !
This was my first attempt and next time I am going to try 
using my dremel tool with different sized drill bits. 
The pin was inspired by Fiddleheads. 
I remember finding these in the woods when I was young living on the East Coast.

I made these quite awhile ago but still love them.  
The deep texture and light touch of silver grey paint makes them look hand carved. 

I snuck some strips of a Stropple Cane into the swirl on this one. 
Click on this and learn the technique on Youtube.
Next Items using Color Blending

These two pieces were made by chopping up scrap clay and then blending it with the pasta machine.
The domed piece is simply a circle shaped and baked over the top of a small light bulb.
I used Copper Metallic Mica powders on red-brown clay for the backs and trim.
This pendant is one of those happy accidents with left over clay. 
Sometimes when I run it through the pasta machine 
I just get a really unique looking piece of clay. 
Sorry about the glare, I took my pictures mid-morning and the sun was already too bright.
Here are more happy accidents that I am thinking about polishing.  
I may prefer to keep some with a matte finish. 
Come back to see if I have made progress on my latest idea. 
Covering a thrift store pair of high heel shoes in Polymer Clay. 
I am not sure if they will be meant to wear or use as a small flower pot?*!
Now I am off to plant flowers in my pots.  
It is a beautiful spring day here in Las Vegas. 
About 84 degrees and sunny as usual. 
Enjoy your weekend!! 

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  1. So happy for you, Heather, and I miss you too. Beautiful work, as always, and what a gift to share it with your clients, I'm sure they're loving it, and you!


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