Monday, February 15, 2010

Manic Monday...

Many times a week I wake up early and my mind and imagination flip on like a bright light bulb and I know there is no going back to sleep.  This morning was one of those.  I am fading fast now as I burn up all my energy trying to make the fishy thing come to life.  He is all one body now and being embellished.  He needs a habitat which is a bunch of twisted wire from coat hangers I plan on wrapping with yarns and fabrics to create kelp.... I love the ocean, it is a world of its own bursting with life and so inspiring!!! 

This is one more polymer clay creation from the fantastic three day Clay Fiesta I had with my lovely daughter Jessie while she visited. I decided to call it "Fire Dancer".  I often see figures and faces in my work.  I see a lady with golden flames shooting from her body.  What do you see?

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