Monday, February 22, 2010

Another monday and what shall I share?

I need to take more pictures today. The fishy has totally come to life and has a passenger of a mermaid nature.  I have started his habitat/stand with lots of quilted stones and will be making large blades of grass and kelp today.  I am very excited to see this all come together and my wonderful husband was the master mind for creating the stand that will suspend my fish in the airy ocean of my imagination.  Hope to have time to create some urchins and hermit crabs too, maybe out of polymer clay.  The big deadline is Thursday night!! I feel like I am going to make it.

Here is a peak at my studio where most of these crazy creations are started.  They do travel down to the family room for beading while listening to TV with my hubby.  Often the entire dining room table is covered in supplies too.  Creativity can get very messy!!! 

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