Saturday, May 8, 2010

Extra Bead Sale!!

I have been very busy making new polymer clay beads all of April and then taking pictures. 
Here are some of the left over beads from my Alamo inspired necklace. I will be selling them on Etsy.
                        Here is the link to my etsy shop Aquariart-

And here are the back sides of the same beads.

Last of all a close up so you can judge the size of these beads.

My new two sided flower beads are an off-white blend of polymer clay with alcohol inks used to color them before they bake. They almost look ceramic.  Love the rustic edges which are roughed up with crumpled aluminum foil before I bake them. 

When you look at the next pictures you will be seeing the front side of the beads

and then the backs.

Of course I needed a mix of smaller similar beads to use with these larger disk beads.

The backs of these are plainer but I like the watercolor wash effect of the alcohol inks.

That's all for today but I have lots more.  I finally got all the pictures taken so check back later this week. 

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