Sunday, May 9, 2010

Okay so it looks like Christmas%*!

This necklace is my second design attempt with my little polymer clay flower beads.  
The inspiration came from a bed of red lettuce poppies at the San Antonio Botanical Garden we visited in April.  Now that it is all done I think it looks a little more like Pointsettias .
What the hey it would be great with a very simple dress for a Holiday Party in December.  What do you think?

The bourgandy flower petals and green leaves I free motioned stitched in a quilt sandwich and then cut out with my very sharp little scissors.  The material under the flower beads is organza which I hope will fray a bit more and look softer.  The pink beads are little frosted lucite flowers from-
A great place to visit if you are a Beadaholic! 
I have been looking for ways to mix my art quilting with my jewelry.  It is fun to create off the wall "Project Runway" type items.  I don't know who will ever wear them but they end up not just jewelry but ART. 


  1. Hi Heather, I'm your new swap partner. I've just spent a few minutes checking out your blog and now I know I have to be one of the luckiest swap members -- WOW! Love your beads and your designs. I'm especially taken by your Alamo beads (especially in their original incarnation) I love carved limestone! In my mother's family, there were several relatives that fought for Texas' independence, yep, I could be a "Daughter of the Republic of Texas" Okay, let the fun begin!

    Emanda (LandArt Bracelet Challenge going on NOW)

  2. Wow Heather is that ever gorgeous!!

  3. Thank you ladies. I am so excited to have people commenting I am just beside myself. The internet world is finally opening up for me.
    I am now part of the "Etsy Does Vegas" etsy team thanks to you Debi. And I am so looking forward to making some bead soup for you Emanda- especially now that I know you like my Alamo inspired beads and have a historic connection with them. Wow!! that gives me goose bumps.

  4. I loveeeeee those beads. They are fabulous!

  5. Hi Heather, I love this! You do beautiful work.


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