Sunday, June 13, 2010

I had a play date with resin this week.

I have been wanting to pour resin on some polymer clay pieces again to create the faux lamp-work look.
These are unusual because I first mono-printed clay with acrylic paints and then sprinkled with embossing powders. If you have never mono-printed it is fun and easy.  The method I used you dab paint on the inside of a cut open sheet protector.  Close the protector sheets so that the paint is in the middle and rub the paint around with a spoon or your finger. Then open it up and place a sheet of clay on the paint. Pull it off and you get some nice color effects on the clay.  I sprinkled the embossing powders right away  before the paint dried.  The first two did not have a high enough frame to pour the resin in so they will remain like this.

The frames on this next set are bulky and were very time and clay consuming but I needed to build up an edge that would hold in the resin.  I learn from my mistakes and there was a huge learning curve with the making of this set . All the better for next time. 
Here you can see that the resin adds a glassy watery effect to the embellished clay.
I mixed a lot of resin so I also had fun filling a candy tin and bottle caps with beads, shells, watch parts and other paraphernalia I had on hand.  

And let me not forget the lovely little song bird I snapped a picture of at the Alamo this spring.  He was singing his heart out.  

I will be randomly choose a winner who will receive one of these amazing bottle caps next Sunday June 20th!! 
All you have to do to have a chance to win is leave a comment with spectacularly easy but secure ways to attach wire or rings to the back of my bottle caps without the use of fire! 
Please be specific if you are suggesting a certain product and include where I may obtain it.  
I would like to be able to attach these as charms and pendants in my jewelry.
Have a soothing Sunday!!  

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  1. Hi Heather!
    You could epoxy a bail to the back...I'm thinking of the bails used for fused glass pendants by Aanraku...

    I really like them for attaching to the back of cabochons, glass or otherwise.


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