Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday and Art Bead Scene Blog Challenge June 2011

I finally finished my cuff for the Art Bead Scene Blog June Challenge 
inspired by painting "Ophelia" by Redon. 
Above is the cuff laid out so you can see all of it at once 
and here are some photos of it being worn by me. 
Have you ever tried to photograph your own arm.  

I felt a bit like a circus contortionist. 
But since I am home alone all day without any gorgeous models hanging out 
and my husband's arms are too hairy you will have to settle for this. 
This is what I have been working on all week -
so it is also my Bead Table Wednesday post. 
I made all the yellow beads from polymer clay for this cuff,
my bead stash has only 2 tubes of yellow seed beads.
Not one of my favorite colors, 
although I do like the way it plays so nicely with the blue in this piece. 
I hand dyed the lace with coffee to give it an old feel 
and the portrait of Ophelia is hand needle felted wool roving and then wet felted.  
I free motion stitched it to the upcycled denim and then
began the embellishing with beads.  
My original plan was to make a bib necklace 
but the shape of the felted piece was just not right for that.  
It works much better as a cuff. 
That's all for today. 


  1. That's a pretty piece of art! A beautiful interpretation of the painting. It would be pretty as a wall hanging (or some such) too where the whole scene would be visible in a different way than when worn as a cuff, if you don't mind me saying that.

  2. Thank you Maneki, I don't mind at all, I am also an art quilter so I know exactly what you mean. Actually when it is on your arm if you are constantly moving like me it is all quite visible, the camera limits the viewing angles.

  3. A beautiful piece! I would have it framed.

  4. I'm speechless. WOW, WOW, WOW!


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