Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

I had two sessions today, one with fiber art and one with polymer clay.
I started by laying out ingredients for a bib necklace and cuff set I am making for my Art Quilt Ect Circles monthly challenge- "Green" being the inspiration.
I bought a huge size 16 wool coat a while back at the local Salvation army store for $6.  I felted it in my washing machine and dryer and have been cutting it up into leaves for many items.  I decided to make leaves by hand needle felting some roving onto these wool leaves and then free motion stitching them with a variegated thread that pops just a little.

As I gathered my materials I remembered I had purchased some felted round beads awhile back and got those out. I also pulled out some polyester satin material and made yo you flowers and beaded the felted balls for centers.
I will be posting the finished necklace and cuff on Saturday so come on back to see it.

My second creative adventure is the beginnings of a piece I have to finish by Sunday for Heather Powers challenge: inspired by nature- this week: feathers.

I decided to make some peacock feather pendants.
I conditioned lots of pearl white polymer clay, laid it on a texture sheet, impressed the front with a peacock feather stamp I have and then painted the feathers with alcohol inks.

I googled peacock feathers and used a photo as a reference for the colors.  I ended up using, pitch black, purple twilight, meadow, citrus, lettuce, stream and copper alcohol inks.
After they were spritzed to blend and dried I added little touches of mica powders in blue, green and copper.  This made them look irridescent.  I cut them with my oval cutter and turned them over to paint the backs.

 After they dried again three were pressed gently onto light bulbs so they would dome and curve and the other five were baked flat.  Come back this weekend to see what I do with them.  I am not sure yet what the next step will be.  All in all it was a very fun and productive day!!

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  1. Ok my first thought was how much I loved all that fiber but then I saw your challenge project and That is SO awesome. Love, love, love!


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