Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mother Nature Gone wild!!

I love my local polymer clay guild.  
We have so many creative and fun people in this group.
I am the happy host for the posts of our group challenge entries.

They are so colorful, creative and diverse.  
I am so lucky to have found this fabulous group and be a part of it. 

Starting with the top left hand corner and going down and around the square counter clockwise we have:

1-A fabulous "Desert Garden" by Marty complete with our beloved Desert Tortoises 
or is it Torteye in the plural. 
There is even a little bird perched in a hole in the deceased cactus, 
something we have a lot of here in the desert. 

2- My "Disco Dino-Lizard" who glows in the dark- (the yellow is flourescent clay)

3-"Two Frogs in Love" by Rhonda

4- The "Back Side Couture" view of my Disco Dino

5- Rhonda's Fabulous "Praying Mantis" (about 8 inches high!)

6- "Glam Flower Ring number 2" by Michele

7- The "Hinie" Couture view of Rhondas Praying Mantis- stunning tuxedo he has on! 

8- "A Garden Creature" by Rhonda

9- "By the Power Invested in me" Wedding scene by Rhonda

10- "Arial view" of my Disco Dino's Extremely Fit Bod

11- "Purple Flower Ring" by Michele

12- "Tripplets" Polymer clay hollow form contruction and found objects,
 inspired by Japanese flowers on kimono fabric.
And in the center

13- "Stay Away From My Pods!!" by Rhonda

We had more entries but need to get photos in.
I will bring my camera to the next meeting a be sure to capture them all. 
Swing by next month August 20th to see the  
"I've Never Seen That Before"  
Challenge entries.  


  1. I love it, and wow your banner is amazing!

  2. You are all certainly a creative and fun bunch. Looking forward to August 20. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Such talented, creative artists!!!

  4. Love them! What a cute take on a traditional theme.


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