Friday, August 12, 2011

This Month's Las Vegas Polymer Clay Challenge Entries

Today I am Posting the:  
"I've Never Seen Anything Like This Before" Challenge Entries 
from my local Las Vegas Polymer Clay Guild. (LVPCG)
First from Marty who said,
"Heather, this is Zenphina, my zentangled fairy. 
Her legs, boots, wings, and hair are zentangled in clay..
but her dress is done with artists pens. 
Zentangling is a sophisticated form of doodling.
 A friend of mine turned me on to it. 
I went to Michael's to see if they had a book on zentangling. 
Everyone I asked had never heard of it before, VOILA!. 
our theme:
"I've never seen anything like this before"
popped into my head, and I created "Zenphina" 

Zenphina hanging from her Golder Arch.

Close up details of Zenphina

An even closer look shows you all the wonderful patterns Marty included in this Fairy.

Next up is Sophia who said, "Each of these sculptures/vessels encapsulates a chemo bottle inside.  Each has a bottle topper that can be pulled out.  These 3 works are designated for the Nevada Cancer Institute.  In our luxury of being able to create, it is always rewarding to create something for someone else."

"Samurette" vessel by Sophia

"Beazel", a whacky Blue Chicken by Sophia
Beazel's other side
"Ninopod"- Could this be an Alien? by Sophia
And I am saying, 
"I woke up Tuesday morning and realized I had missed the meeting this month.
  I was extremely sleep deprived from all the preparation and physical moving of stuff
for the Mt Charleston Arts and Craft Show, 
and because I can't hear the alarm on my new phone.  
What good is an alarm if you can't hear it.  
I do have an entry:  
My "? Brooches"  by Heather
Next Month I think the theme is " A Stitch in Time".  

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