Saturday, August 6, 2011

Inspired by Nature: Tiger Lily, pendants and flower centers

I am on a roll, another very productive week as I gear up for my
I am getting excited to go back and hope to do well.  
I have lots of new items to inventory to price and tag. 
I need work out my display options again.  
A little change to keep it interesting. 
I will list my items that don't sell on Etsy next week.
I had so much fun with the resin last week I finally tried a product new to me. 
JudiKins Amazing Glaze.
I didn't want to wait for 3 days for my pendants to cure, 
especially my Orange Lily for this week's Inspired by Nature Challenge. 
This has to be the fastest solution for creating bezels with photos or charms...
I printed my pictures, sprayed them with Archival Spray on both sides
( I have an ink jet printer so they would run if I skipped this step.)
Then you glue the picture into your bezel,
I used super glue, 
pop it in the oven at 300 degrees for 2-3 minutes,
let it cool and you are done. 
Plus if you get any bubbles or mars on it you can reheat with a heat gun and cool it again! 
I love this, so simple and my pendants look great. 

Here is my Orange Lily photo I transformed with Adobe Elements,

another picture of my Lily Necklace and Earring Set:
  a wave photo for a future challenge 
This one is a picture of me at about 3 years old. 
(a personal reminder to take good care of myself)
I have also been wanting to make centers for my fabric flowers with polymer clay.
I created one for poppies, one of my favorite flowers, baked it then made a clay mold.

It works so well I made two more

and now I can use up my scrap clay making these little beauties 
and paint them any color I want!  
I am sooooooo excited!  

Well, I would love to hang out here all morning 
but I have to pack up all my treasures for tomorrow. 
Thanks for stopping by, I will be doing more visiting next week.


  1. Nice work, Heather - all of it!! Jackie

  2. Thanks Jackie! for the kind words and for stopping by. Just got home from an all day arts and craft show and I need to go to bed!! I am pooped!

  3. The Orange Tiger Lily set is beautiful...

    Great pendants and beads as well...
    I know what you mean about the shows...they are a great deal of fun but very draining!
    Enjoy your rest...

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog today with such an encouraging comment. I love your tiger lily necklace. So ornate and worthy of that beautiful flower!!

  5. Wow Heather, what a stunning necklace!

  6. I love that tiger lily necklace!


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