Sunday, July 31, 2011


One of my very favorite Art Bead Artists :
Heather Powers is cleaning out her bead inventory.  

The Humble Bead Big Huge Giveaway Set !!!

These beads are to die for 
and to have a chance to get a batch for free 
of her truly unique and amazing beads is crazy wonderful!!
Hurry tonite at midnite is the deadline!!! 
Click HERE 
to see what you have to do to have a chance to win.  
If you would rather go to her etsy store and pick your own beauties, 
click the same spot and look for her code so you can get 20% off.
You can go to her etsy store right from her blog. 
This is exciting, 
I think the heat is getting to all of us but shurely Heather Powers has gone mad!! 
( Just Kidding Heather) 
I had one of the most productive weeks of my life this week.
Here are pictures of everything I made after Bead Table Wednesday and the Art Bead Scene July Challenge deadline I managed to make:

The mythical characters called Nymphs, Sirens or Mermaids 
have always intrigued me.
I love the ocean and  this focal from 
Green Girl Studios has a quote by Crouseau. 
I watched all his documentaries about the sea. 
He says:
"the sea, once it casts its spell holds one in its net of wonder forever". 

I used these wonderful twisted blue glass beads to represent waves and added the mermaids ride: a sea horse charm.

My Waves Bracelet
I used blue and turqoise in this one. 
I made the polymer clay turquoise swirl beads and flat spacers.
The rest are glass beads.

This one features a naked lady. 
 I like to think she is skinny dipping in all that blue green water!

For this bracelet I used memory wire covered with coiled pink artist's wire and beads.  
I made the polymer clay flower beads 
textured on both sides so they look great 
no matter where they turn. 
The pink stone is dyed howlite, 
the green, crackled glass. 
The necklace below is extra long.  
I love this length for summer- 
looks great with a cool cotton shirt.
Fortunately we had very cloudy weather yesterday morning- perfect for photographing shiny beads.

This one was a quickie with glass and shell beads on memory wire.  
I love the flower dangles, I picked up the pink curled glass beads at Road 2 California last year.  
Sorry I can't remember who the vendor was. 
They remind me of one of my favorite flowers, fuchsias, 
combined with the bright green glass and crystals.
A few orphan beads found their place in these earrings.

I am finally parting with some of my favorite finds.
This butterfly bead is an amazing little ceramic focal for this bracelet.

And the Star with a bead wired in really shines in this bracelet. 
The reds, oranges and browns remind me of hikes in the Valley of Fire. 
Here was a super quickie made with painted bone beads 
and the speckled beads are some kind of nut. 
(like me).  
This one has an extra long length too. 

And one more orphaned lampwork bead found a home, 
Queen of some necklace to be. 

Last but not least a Macro shot of the dragon side of this lovely etched deep navy blue bead. 
studio waterstone
Click HERE to see more Macro Photos
Well I made all that in one day, so I took a rest yesterday and floated in the pool
with one nicely iced stien of Rogue Chocolate Beer!! 
Come on back on Wednesday for Bead Table Wednesday. 
Happy Weekend to you all! 


  1. I like the peacock side best! That's a beautiful etched bead. I really like the mermaid bracelet too!

  2. You have been productive! I like the painted bone bead necklace, very unusual. Have another great week!

  3. Holy Cannolli! You go girl! Amazing amount of work!

  4. That is an incredible macro shot of that dragon bead! I love mermaids and that quote is a perfect match, great bracelet!

  5. I think you deserved a day off from all the lovely creations you crafted!
    The bead is quite interesting...will you keep it for yourself?

  6. Wow...what an amazing creative day you had! You deserve to float in the pool with an iced stein of Rogue Chocolate Beer! :~)

    Maybe even two days of floating for everything you've created.



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