Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - Resin and......

I am gearing up for a the Arts and Craft Fair at Mt Charleston,
so this will be short but sweet! 
(They look like candy) 
First some close ups from the resin tray above.
I used fabric scraps, chopped up scrap threads, 
glitter, embossing powders, 
metallic sand found in Michael's florist section in gold and silver  
and the two part resin that takes 72 hours to set. 
So my office door has been shut, 
My Cat, Gracie, 
who always seems to think that anything new I make is for her 
and the other two hairy beasts are not not welcome. 

My best faux fire opal so far!

This one has glitter and embossing powders sprinkled over 
polymer clay scraps I chopped up into tiny pieces with my blade. 
They were then rolled and squished together
and cut over a plastic bag so they would dome. 
Most of the resin poured off but I think I managed to get a light coating. 
These will hopefully make nice pieces for bezels, rings and necklaces. 
All for now, to see the other wonderful tables click HERE! 

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  1. I am amazed by anyone that can work resin. These truly are amazing. Congrats on beautiful, bubbleless pieces!


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