Thursday, April 15, 2010

Springtime and Flowers are everywhere...

...even in my oven.  These colorful little flower beads made from polymer clay have been my work of the week. The next step is to create jewelry with them.  
I had so much fun I made a lot of these little babies so some will probably be for sale in my Etsy store- (
 Here are a few of the color combinations.  

My first attempts are a little odd . I didn't like the colors so I altered them with mica powders. 

Then I found new colors that looked better and I left the petals raised.
 I was much more satisfied with these. 
And I am even happier with the brighter complementary color combinations below. 

The petals are made by layering 3 different colors of clay circles into a roll; these always remind me of those candy disks I used to buy when I was younger. The striped roll is reduced enough to fit into the extruder and a wonderful mixed color tube of clay magically emerges. I sliced and pinched 
and set them on little clay buttons with texture on the back. 

Of course the purple/pearl green combo is my favorite. 

 I plan on attaching them with a stop bead for the center, except for the 2 hole buttons which can be attached with thread and/or beads.  

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  1. They are very pretty, Heather. It is wonderful how getting involved in art makes every other problem go away - for a while! Hugs, Mary


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