Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally, My Bead Soup is Ready!!

I am a Bead Soup Virgin so this has been very exciting!
  I am so used to being inspired by the beads and components I create or purchase that in a very fun way it was challenging to get the soup from my partner Emanda and start there.  I was inspired by the fish pendant Emanda sent to create with an ocean theme in mind, something I love already.
I twisted up the yarn ribbon she sent and added oodles of randomly strung blue/green/purple seed beads. I wrapped them with two strands of purple seed beads and 
tiny fresh water pearls I had to hold the twist in place.  
This took several attempts and wiring one strand to hold it all together  
but finally I had a water feature in the necklace.  
I had to remove a tassel from the fish pendant and add the big knot of yarn and bead ends to it 
so I covered those messy ends with glue and made beaded beads over them. 
The next part should have been easy but like Goldylocks and her porridge dilema I redid it 3 times.  
I wanted to use all the beautiful amethyst, cloisonne and dark blue stone beads Emanda sent me 
BUT the first try was too long
So I shortened it. 
AND .. the second try I didn't like my bead order! 
So I took it out again, 
 at last the third try with the beads rearranged 
 It was finally just right!
Emanda also had included three lovely little lamp work beads so I purchased my first sterling silver wire and made the loop part of her link longer using one of them, attached her pretty hook and then wired another one to the fish pendant.  
I wanted to challenge myself to create another asymmetrical design and so here it all is. 
Emanda was generous so I still have leftover beads. 
I was able to make a bracelet to match with some of them and the third lamp work bead.  
I made my own clasp (!!) the wavy one from more of the sterling silver wire!
And a little set of dangle earrings that match the wrap on the necklace with fresh water pearls. 
This has been a blast to blog hop and see so many wonderful designs. 
Thank you again to Emanda for the lovely ingredients.  
If you haven't already be sure to see her creations made from my Alamo inspired beads. 
(Just a click away - click her name)  
Truly the most inspiring thing I have participated in online. 
A HUGE thank you to Lori of Pretty Things for getting us all organized, partnered up and inspired!!! 
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  1. Wow, first comment :) well done for making such lovely pieces! Love the beaded beads you made

  2. Went to leave a comment and the computer kicked me off the internet. So if this happens to be a repeat, I apologize.

    I love that you thought of the beaded strands as a water feature. That's awesome. It turned out gorgeous as did the other pieces you made. But that necklace looks like it took forever to make and is a real statement piece. Love it!

  3. Gorgeous! Love the colours and textures here. Very pretty.

  4. I just loved this piece. It makes me want to "dive in". I love the way you tied all three pieces together and your use of the pieces in your soup. What a beautiful job and a glorious feast for the eyes.

  5. Rebecca, I have tried several times to leave a comment on your blog. I can't get the curser to click on your comment box and the top part of the box is missing.
    So here is my response to your lovely necklace, elegant and yet casual. I would love to wear that any day of the week. Your bracelet is nice too. Nice use of a variety of beads in your design.
    I did not intentionally miss commenting on your soup!! ;-}

  6. wow! your necklace is beautiful! I love the colors and the way you made beaded beads to cover the ends of your water feature very creative and beautiful!

  7. Oh, that's so kind of you to let me know! I wonder what's going on with my blog... I thought it was so nice here that you have used seed beads, my favourites.

  8. Your soup is just lovely. Love the "water" with the fish focal.

  9. Wow how stunning! All the pieces are great. The necklace has such movement and flow.

  10. Beautiful blues! I love the beaded bead in particular-great job!

  11. Oh! I really love this! I love the asymmetry and I love the color palette. Those blues are just perfect!

  12. That necklace is to DIE for! I love it and would wear it! I'm so impressed with all that intricate beading!


  13. Heather, you outdid yourself! I love that beaded rope, it is just gorgeous! It's a fantastic art piece, and the bracelet and earrings as well. I've been waiting to see what you would make with Emanda's ingredients and I am so happy to see your reveal! I loved the beads you made and sent to her and what she made too.

  14. Wow - really spectacular. Love the "waves" - just blows me away!

  15. Stunning pieces, so beautiful!! I love the color combination and how you blended everything into these unique designs! Congratulations:)

  16. You whipped up some mighty tasty soup! I love the treatment that you did with the seed beads. And I remember seeing that fish focal and wondering how you use it. I love what you have done and that it is something that challenged you! Enjoy the day!

  17. Wow this must have taken really long to complete all those seed bead strings. It complements the pendant very well. Nice job.

  18. The seed beads are a beautiful addition to your design. Great Soup!

  19. Beautiful work to help show off that amazing fish pendant!

  20. Great necklace, what lovely beads and you show them off well. Love the pretty colors in the bracelet, and what cute earrings. Nice work!

  21. Very pretty. I also made my bead soup necklace three times. :)

  22. What a piece of work! Great job! And the colors are amazing.

  23. Your designs are lovely! The bead work is fabulous. I love the colors. You did an amazing job.

  24. Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments!!

  25. Reall loved what you did with your pieces. Your twisted bead strands full me with inspiration.

  26. Lovely water translation of the bead soup, and impressive beading! I would wear your beautiful necklace in a heartbeat!

  27. You sure did a great the necklace is lovely

  28. The seed bead section must have taken you ages! A beautiful set of jewellery, and beautiful colours too.

  29. Gorgeous pieces!! I really love what you did with all those beads :)

  30. Great Job. Love the necklace! The bracelet is just so yummy, too!
    Bead Happy!


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